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Craft Brewing is Here to Stay!

Did you catch the Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl that essentially slammed the work of the many 1,000s of craft brewers around the world? Well the folks at Hop Stories created a spoof of that commercial commending the hard work of the craft brewers and what these craft brewers are doing each and every…

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Navigating Austin & Cyclocross Nationals

In my day job many people know that I work on the global social media team for Whole Foods Market. I do reside in Colorado, but I make a monthly pilgrimage to Austin, TX which is home to Whole Foods’ world headquarters. Austin is a bustling small city in Texas that seems to have something…

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A Wave Goes A Long Way

Cyclists and motorists have a rather strained relationship in many cities in America. A group in Austin, Texas has taken upon themselves to try to do something about it. It’s simple and it’s called the wave and their group is called We Wave. Instead of sending a message to motorists with the one finger solute, try…

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What is cyclocross? (with the help of a drone)

Whenever I have to explain what cyclocross to people that don’t know what it is, I usually have a hard time. It’s the steeplechase of cycling, then you get the “what is steeplechase?” question. It’s a combination of running and cycling, then you get the “so it’s like a triathlon?” question. Nope, that’s not it…

austin cyclocross nationals course map

2015 Austin Cyclocross National Course Map

Hot off the press is the 2015 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals course map for the race coming up in January. I travel to Austin every month for work and I can attest that this will be a great venue for the race. Not to mention the weather in January is usually a complete crap shoot…

danny macaskill the ridge

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Danny is at it again this time aboard a mountain bike and a Santa Cruz Nomad at that! Check out this video as he returns to his home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The film captures Danny riding the Cuillin Ridge which looks like it’s probably only accessed by foot. I wonder if Danny…


Andreu Lacondeguy’s Winning Red Bull Rampage Run

Yesterday the 2014 edition of Red Bull’s now clinically insane event, the Rampage took place again in Virgin, Utah. There was nothing virgin about the run the Andreu Lacondeguy put together for his win at the event. The livestream was extremely well done by Red Bull and definitely glad no one got hurt too bad.…

aaron gwin, on fire with no tire, dh with no tire

Gwin is on Fire with no Tire!

Aaron Gwin suffered a flat just seconds into his run on the UCI World Cup DH in Leogang, Austria, but that didn’t stop him from finishing. Sit back and watch Aaron take lines and somehow finishes his run unscathed! [youtube]

danny macaskill, epecuen, argentina

Danny MacAskill’s Epecuen

Ride like Danny in his latest street trials film or just sit back and watch yet another amazing film. Danny and his crew shoot on location in the now abandoned Villa Epecuén on the eastern shores of Laguna Epecuén in Argentina. This once bustling tourist town could take on nearly 5,000 visitors a day, but in 1985…